Welcome to the Burrishoole catchment!
The Marine Institute Research station is located in the Burrishoole catchment near Newport in Co Mayo. It is a site for integrated research into freshwater and brackish ecosystems and their interaction with climate and the environment. Our work is facilitated by the local landowners and Coillte. Our scientific outputs can be browsed here.
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Lakes Dashboard Lakes

The Marine Institute maintain two Automatic Water Quality Monitoring Stations (AWQMS) on lakes in the Burrishoole catchment. One is on the freshwater Lough Feeagh, and the other is on the coastal lagoon, Lough Furnace. The stations are situated on buoys moored in the middle of the lakes, with electronic sensors and telemetry transmitting data every 2 minutes to our lab in Furnace. Real time(GMT), high resolution data from these stations, including weather and important limnological parameters can viewed here.

Rivers Dashboard Rivers

We maintain Automatic River Monitoring Stations (ARMS) on three rivers in the Burrishoole catchment, the Glenamong River, the Black River and the Rough River. These stations monitor and transmit key physical and chemical parameters at high resolution, using electronic sensors and telemetry. In addition, we maintain several water level recorders at several sites in the Burrishoole catchment, and in the wider North Mayo locality. All these data can be viewed in real time(GMT) here.

Weather Dashboard Weather

A manual weather station has been maintained in Furnace since 1958 in conjunction with Met Eireann. In 2005, an automatic synoptic station was installed close to the manual station, and data from this automatic station can be viewed here.

Infomar Dashboard Fish

All fish movements into, and out of the Burrishoole catchment are monitored daily using traps between the freshwater and marine habitats. Upstream and downstream migrating Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout and European Eel are counted every day by hand. Counts are updated routinely, and can be viewed here.


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