This is the Lough Furnace AWQMS (Automatic Water Quality Monitoring Station), which was installed in 2008. You can view current data that has been collected very recently from the station. Scroll down to view what conditions have been like over the past 7 days. You can also view how things are changing with depth on the vertical profile display. These data are real time (GMT) and raw - they have not yet been through the full quality checking procedures. There may be short term data gaps when we are experiencing technical difficulties. Metadata is available on the Irish Spatial Data Exchange. The Lough Furnace AWQMS contributes data to the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network ( Lough Furnace is a coastal lagoon, with a permanent halocline dividing the upper freshwater layer from the brackish bottom layer of water. The AWQMS has a winch on it which allows the sensors to move up and down through the water column, taking measurements at different depths.

Lough Furnace Location

Lough Furnace - Current

Lough Furnace - Last 7 Days

Lough Furnace - Vertical Profile